Olive - Prosthetic Transfer Material

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Tone: Olive

Blends great with various types of warm skin tones and/or skin tones considered to be light tan in color. Olive is a great base color to blend with most skin tones that have a yellow, green, or golden undertone. This prepigmented tone will make blending easier on a wide range of Asian and Mediterranean skin tones.

Create Prosthetic Transfers when time is valuable.

A convenient alternative to self-mixed material so that you can spend your time on creating art instead of countless hours mixing.

P.T.M. allows for the immediate creation of high quality Prosthetic Transfers (Bondo Transfers, Pro-Bondo Transfers, Pros Aide Transfers) straight out of the jar. Formulated by Christien Tinsley, the original creator of the innovative process, for the sole purpose of providing you with the best material possible.

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