DAB - Molding Release

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Are you tired of working FOR those mediocre spray release agents that make releasing a Prosthetic Transfer more difficult and time consuming than it needs to be? We agreed - there had to be a better way of getting the perfect releasing Pros-aide Transfer without all the hard work other release agents require...

DAB Molding Release was created to assure you the best result when demolding your Prosthetic Transfers. DAB eliminates wasted material caused by edges snagging during the demold process and also minimizes the additional steps commonly required with alternative release agents.

With 1 drop of DAB you can give yourself...

The Perfect Release - ZERO frustrating demold snags.

No more grimy residue - removes having to wash your Prosthetic Transfers after demold.

200+ Releases per bottle

A tacky transfer - ready to apply once it's dry!

FREEDOM - from hazardous chemicals or respirators

Spare time - quick and easy to apply with no additional steps.




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1 Review

Todd Debreceni 22nd Jun 2020


This stuff is terrific! A few drops... DROPS! ... and your appliances will release from the mold beautifully every time. Never worry again about ruining something that took time to make, only to damage it when it comes out of the mold.

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