Your Creativity - Our Purpose

Hello and welcome to our very first blog post!

I'd like to start by introducing myself, our company and what you can expect from both. Some of you may have met me in person already from our yearly booth at the LA IMATS. If you've not been so lucky my name is Cody and I manage the overall operations of Prosthetic Transfer Material. I originally grew up in Washington State where there is a nice balance between plenty of things to do and plenty of things you can't do. Mostly due to the rain. If you've never been and if rain ain't no thang, then I can fully endorse a visit as it's an absolutely beautiful state all around.

P.T.M LLC was being incubated during most of 2014 and wasn't fully operational until closer to 2015. We took that time to research what kind of company we wanted to be, how we could offer and continue to offer something unique, and most importantly, how we could hopefully inspire more artists to do the things they love. Prosthetic Transfers were quickly becoming a standard technique used throughout the industry ever since they were first created. They're super easy and quick to produce, apply, and paint compared to other forms of prosthetic appliances. An added bonus - they have the potential to stay stuck for long periods of time, even during the most extreme conditions... Like when Seattle decides to rain on your parade.

Like with most techniques, there can be limitations and Prosthetic Transfers have their share as I'm sure most of you may know. However the only true troubling downside to the process that I saw was the start up costs and time it took to produce your own quality material. Mixing ingredients is an art form in and of itself. Recipes can take years to prefect, which can sometimes take away from your budget. The clean up? Don't get me started or I'll be here all night... Literally. This is why we thought the most important thing we could do is provide an easier alternative to mixing your own transfer material and also offer a quality material at the same time. We didn't want to offer a Cab-O-Sil "bondo" or a watery Pros-Aide cream substance that seems to be the norm at most makeup stores. Because lets be honest, most artists can easily make that themselves. What we wanted to offer was something more unique and more beneficial than the norm. 

A product that could potentially inspire and help you immediately at any moment during your makeup career.

If you're still with me, I'm hopeful and can only image your eyes closed, nodding your head, and whispering the word "PREACH." If not, it's totally cool, I'm not offended. You're now probably wondering what you can expect right? To be quick, the two main things you can expect from myself and this company are two very important things I value the most. Not just in business, but in life as well. The first is innovation. Without it, everything stays stagnant, nothing improves. We found that there were a number of improvements needed throughout the process of making Prosthetic Transfers in order to make things more efficient and enjoyable. Like the title suggests, our purpose is to fuel your creativity and we feel like the best way to do that is through innovating the process with better products and techniques. 

Innovation naturally gets the creative juices flowing, which is something we're all about and hope you are too!

The second expectation is exceptional customer service. This one is on me. For me, this all starts and ends with both respect and gratitude. This is a fundamental component of life everyone should experience, not just our customers. Every person who comes in contact with myself, the company, or our products deserves to be respected because you took the time out of your day to make us a part of yours. That alone is humbling and deserves our full attention, which we are happy to offer when ever needed. Because of this, we are grateful! But that is not exactly what I meant when I mentioned gratitude. Our goal at the end of the day is for you to experience some sort of gratitude with us. If not, I don't feel like we are doing our job correctly. I want to strive to make every experience with our company a positive one. It may be based on the availability of our product when in a pinch, it may be in the form of a tip on how to run the perfect transfer, or it may simply be a new product that makes things just a litter more pleasant. Whatever it is, I want it to feel good and helpful.

Thank you all for taking the time to read our first blog. Hopefully now you were able to get to know us a little more and can enjoy making Prosthetic Transfers even more than you may already do. Lastly, If you're new to the process and have some questions, feel free to reach out at any time. Just click here.


Cody Basey